Cooperation with suppliers of raw materials for infant formula:
We are looking forward to establishing contact with suppliers who can provide Beingmate with stable and reliable raw materials for milk powder with high quality for a long term and develop strategic business relationship. No matter in short period or over-demand period, we need a stable supply chain to seize every chance in the market. In addition, equipment suppliers and service providers who can upgrade our products, add value to our R&D of new product are also welcome.

  Brand Agent:
We can run as your brand agent in Mainland China, as long as you are in the business for pregnant women, babies and young children with unique selling point and most importantly, with a strong will to explore the huge potential of China market. With our strong marketing channels, experience and knowledge in the FMCG business, we are able to share it all with you to provide more internationally advanced products and service to domestic parents and babies.

  BEINGMATE Brand Marketing:
Assist or deputize BEINGMATE products in overseas market, including the expansion of overseas sales of food and supplies for pregnant women and babies under BEINGMATE brand.

  OEM Processing:
Overseas manufacturers are welcome to produce food and other relative products for pregnant women and babies for us under BEINGMATE brand, so as to facilitate overseas sales and implement other cross-border strategy in the future.

  Capital Utilization:
Capital cooperation includes investment on our new projects at home and abroad, optimizing utilization of the enterprises' resources of both sides, suggesting merger and acquisition proposal, and realizing maximization of the benefits of related parties.