In the past four years, we have stood two crises in the infant formula industry in China. These two crises, namely, the children with big head in Fuyang City of Anhui Province, and the recent melamine scandal, have not crumpled Beingmate but proved in the contrary that Beingmate is a trustworthy partner and takes CSR as the top priority for its sustainable growth. In both crises, Beingmate has withstood the testand obtained recognition of the market by virtue of our own "love, attention and responsibility".
  Process Control
Since the establishment of Beingmate in 1992, we have been engaged in professional R & D and production of food for infants and children strictly under international standards like ISO9001, GMP, and ISO22000. There are stringent procedures from procurement of raw materials, fresh milk collection, testing in the production process, to addition of nutrients, pre-delivery inspection and tracking test for the manufactured products and so on.

  Materials Control
The domestic milk source base of Beingmate is located in Anda of Heilongjiang Province, which is the sole "Town of China's Dairy Cattle" named by Chinese Ministry of Agriculture, but also the internationally recognized best cow raising belt-the cattle belt above Latitude North 45 degree. The fresh milk produced here is nutritious, mellow, natural and pure, which can maximally assure safety, reliability, freshness and nutrition of the milk products. Chinese babies can enjoy the "assured milk" especially tailored by a responsible Chinese brand with utmost moral standard.
The completely imported raw materials from the cattle belt above Latitude North 45 degree in Ireland, is used in Beingmate A+ Series of infant formula.

 State-of-the-art Equipment
We have introduced one of the most advanced production lines for infant milk powder in China including Scheffers high-efficient milk concentrator designed by Netherland Stork Company for the production of formula milk powder for infants and children, so as to provide Chinese babies with the most professional products with internationally advanced standard.