Established in 1992, Beingmate headquartered in Hangzhou Hi-tech Development Zone near the beautiful West Lake. Our bussiness involved in production, R&D, sales and many related fields of infant food and service with a brand value of more than CNY 5,000,000,000.

Our independent production lines of infant food include three categories of milk substitutes, weaning foods and dietary supplements of more than 200 varieties in total. They are specially developed for Chinese babies and are more suitable for their fitness.

Beingmate's products, i.e. the series of "BEINGMATE" maternal and child supplies, includes feeding supplies, toiletries, baby beddings, strollers, textiles, toys of more than 1,000 items. Our products are manufactured strictly in accordance with the most up-to-date international standard and regulations for pregnant women, infants and young children. We are concerned about the physical health, mental health and intellectual development of both babys and mothers. We are also advocates of environmental protection, health, safety and science.

During the past 19 years, based on our experience in R&D, production and the sales of all-rounded baby products as well as raising and teaching services, we successfully set up the three unique programmes invovled in Company Social Resposibility(CSR). These programmes, namely "Loving baby", "Baby raising " and "Loving Mum", provided services for the Chinese baby and benefit their health from many aspects such as childbirth, how-to-raise children and education guides. In addition, we have broken through the classic industry mode and developed new service standards, utilizing our existing network and brand influence. With our experience in prodction and franchising for food, necessaries, pregnant women clothing, infants and children toys, we are taking historical steps to become an important company in the international baby industries.

The BEINGMATE international chain stores and their living bars for infants and children have initiaed an industry standard.

Today, Beingmate's brand image of "baby nursing expert" has deep rooted in the hearts of our consumers. We will focus on our vision of "Building Great Enterprise, Pursuing Successful Life" and our enterprise spirit of "Seeking Truth, Loyalty, Benevolence, and Value realization",and we will work as a teem towards our goal of being a leading brand in the world market, offering diversified products and services in internationnal baby industry. As always, we will continue to help Chinese baby, ensuring their healthy development. We are completely open to the cooperative opportunities in and out, because Beingmate is looking forward to developing a glorious future for the infants and children industry!